21 thoughts on “Pet Grief Recovery – Healing Your Heart After Your Pet Passes Away”

  1. My little bunny past away last wednesday and I feel I didnt do all I could
    do for her…Im very devastated and can’t stop crying =(

  2. I also couldn’t say good bye because she wasn’t at the time with me at home
    I’m so so so so sad, I keep crying everyday ='(

  3. I had to put my beautiful great pyrenees to sleep this afternoon. I am
    devastated. I made the right choice for her, she was suffering and sick.
    But to look out in the back yard and know I’ll never see her running and
    barking and chasing birds… it breaks my heart.

  4. Rest in peace hazel you lovely digger… you sure loved to dig ๐Ÿ™‚ your the
    best hun i love you always and forever xo.. if only i could kiss that nose
    or pat your ichy back one more time ๐Ÿ™‚ love you

  5. My kitten Myles, got hit by a car last night. I felt bad because I looked
    at my cats before I left and said “Should I put them inside, and I thought.
    Nah, they like it outside.” I came home, and I let one of my cats inside
    and I was looking for Myles, he wasn’t coming when I called his name. I
    looked on the road and I saw him. I cried so hard. So today I made a sign
    that says “Slow the fuck down” and hung it up

  6. R.I.P jive i love and miss you my little kitten i lost about 2 mouths ago
    then i wint door to door asking if anyone has seen him then 1 week later i
    found its body in my back yard i cried so hard i still feel sad evrery day
    thats what happend sometimes life isnt fare fuck

  7. RIP duke my brother my pet my life my pride my joy I will miss you forever
    and years to come I love you thank you…..RIP

  8. My brother is making this time that much painful, he wants to give her
    people food like cheese, and she is lactose intolerance, she vomit with one
    bite of dairy stuff. He knows she got recurring pancreatits which is
    really painful, and he wants to change her diet to dry food. He left her
    outside to die, overnight.
    I don’t know when she should go to sleep, but she seems to take a turn
    for the worse, when we start arguing about wet food versus dry food, when
    she has been on a wet food only diet. I am getting her some more treats
    today that wont bother her stomach. I have been giving her treats, and
    catnip, why argue.๏ปฟ

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