25 thoughts on “Online Therapy – Online Therapist – Mindfulness Therapy Online”

  1. I really like online therapy. It allows me to get help for my anxiety from
    home, and it has really been effective for me.

  2. This is a great service. I wish I had known about it before. There are no
    therapists where I live that I feel comfortable talking to. I love the
    mindfulness approach that Peter offers.

  3. I never knew that you could get online therapy. It’s great to be able to
    talk to a therapist online.

  4. I have tried both traditional and online psychotherapy. Both have their
    pros and cons, but the convenience of the online therapy is definitely a
    positive factor.

  5. I am glad you think so! I get very positive comments about this. People
    really like the freedom to be able to have sessions from home via Skype. It
    is a great way to learn new skills for working with difficult emotions.

  6. Yes. One of my original motivations for providing online psychotherapy was
    to provide help for people who are not able to leave home for one reason or
    another. If you are suffering from agoraphobia then leaving the security of
    your home to see a therapist may simply be too hard a challenge. The online
    therapy option can provide a tremendous opportunity for you to work on
    reducing your anxiety and panic attacks through the systematic approach of
    mindfulness therapy. Do contact me to learn more.

  7. That has been my experience too. If the focus is on teaching clients more
    effective ways of working with their emotions then it really makes no
    difference. One of the advantages of online therapy is that it is less
    intimidating, which makes therapy more accessible to people who would not
    feel comfortable seeing a “traditional” therapist. Of course, it is
    different if you have a clinical condition requiring treatment, but most
    people are simply seeking better ways of managing their emotions.

  8. Thanks! Mindfulness is my passion! I never cease to be amazed at how
    mindfulness practice can transform a person’s whole outlook. It’s all about
    learning how to make friends with your emotions rather than pushing them
    away or indulging in self-pity. Mindfulness is changing the whole face of
    psychotherapy and making it more about you learning how to heal your own
    problems rather than remaining a victim of your emotional habits. Making
    Mindfulness Therapy available online allows greater access.

  9. I suffer from depression. I have heard that mindfulness therapy is very
    good for depression. Does mindfulness therapy work as well online?

  10. The form of Online Therapy that I offer is called Mindfulness Therapy, and
    online mindfulness therapy is one of the most effective approaches
    available for working with social anxiety. I have had many years experience
    as an online therapist and I still find mindfulness therapy to be the best
    approach for transforming the underlying cause of your anxiety. It is much
    better than just treating symptoms.

  11. I appreciate your comment. More and more people prefer to work with an
    online therapist because it is so much more convenient and less
    intimidating for most people.

  12. I would like to schedule a Skype session with an online therapist, but I
    have a few questions. Can we consult via email first?

  13. Does online mindfulness therapy work for panic attacks? I need help with
    driving anxiety and other situations where I tend to react with panic

  14. It is very easy to get started with online therapy. All you need is Skype
    and PayPal. Simply visit my website and email me. I am happy to answer all
    your questions and we can find a time that works for you.

  15. Online Mindfulness Therapy is very effective for anxiety disorders because
    it helps you stop the reactive negative thinking that sustains anxiety. It
    also gives you a way to heal the anxiety itself, through building a
    mindfulness-based relationship with your inner emotions.

  16. sir, peter i’m so very thankfull, i met you sir peter your nice person, yes
    i need to know how. but if it is posible, lets met , coz i am willing to

  17. I have been working with Peter for 2 weeks. I see changes in how I look at
    my emotions. Peter says that we look at our emotions as a problem but, they
    are not the problem. I have learned ( already) that it has been a habit of
    negative behaviors that I have been doing! I am very excited about this new
    journey that I have found in Peters online therapy. He is very kind and

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