25 thoughts on “Luffy recovers from Ace’s death”

  1. a lot of you really don’t understand how warm hearted and compassionate
    luffy is smh.if luffy was a real person you know he would be that guy who
    would ride to the end of the world just for his friends.you know he would
    be that person who always sees the best in you.you know he would be that
    person who would do everything in his power to protect you and keep you out
    of harm.you know he would be that kind of person to lay down his own life
    just so others could live smh.

    its funny because these are the attributes of the Lord Jesus Christ/yeshua
    ha’mashiach.nobody can compare to him,nobody has ever influenced life like
    he has and i shed tears sometimes when i think of what he done just so i
    could be set free and live.

  2. What shocks me is how they made u forget about the crew. During that whole
    saga it was like a different show. A show that had always been

  3. This clip really hit me close to home. I thought I lost everything, my job,
    love interest, and I felt like I had nothing to live for and wanted it all
    to end. But than I sat there and thought what I had left, and it got me
    through it. 

  4. “I still have my nakama” in my opinion one of the most breathtaking,
    emotional, and most beautiful scene in all anime. The fact that you forget
    about the crew throughout marine ford arc and with Jinbei’s words
    remembered you how great the strawhats are brought both Luffy and whose
    watching it out of sadness from Ace’s death. Best scene I’ve ever encounter
    in anime.

  5. This scene is why I firmly believe that Jinbe will join the crew. Haters
    and doubters can say what they want, but I’m holding onto that belief.

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