25 thoughts on “How to Cope with the Death of a Parent”

  1. thank you for this. i just found out thay my mother has a slow
    progeression-like cancer that we have been together for months and just
    found out it can’t be treated anonly have around a year or lessso i’m
    preparing to cope.

  2. well… she was on the right track and was beating it but than she sudenly
    went from a 90% survival rate to dying in days. atleast she didn’t suffer

  3. Really sorry to hear that. It is so painful, and I’m sure you are still
    hurting. Well wishes over the holidays to you and your remaining family.

  4. It’s only been a couple of days. She was in the hospital for a long time
    though and was really sick. My dad is still alive, and he and my mom were
    really close as well, so he’s taking it pretty hard too. And yeah, holidays
    are gonna be really hard for a little while. My coworkers and other friends
    and family have been supportive thankfully. My bosses at work are helping
    me get therapy and services that I need.

  5. I can’t even think about it i have the worst phobia of losing my mom,
    dad,.brother or my cats and dogs. They’re the closest things n ppl to me
    and the only constant in my life. When the day comes that i lose them i
    just don’t think I’ll be able to deal

  6. My adopted mum died 2nd of january. The pain is unreal, my birth mother
    died when i was 20 months old… I feel like i am falling apart and my
    heart is aching for both mums. Tears are never ending, making me ill.

  7. dgjlo – deepest condolences to you on a very sad loss. You are in double
    mourning for your mothers and can only imagine the pain and suffering you
    are experiencing. Once again, our sympathies to you.

  8. We’re sorry for your sad loss at such an early age. We hope you have good
    support as you commemorate her passing.

  9. Our condolences for the recent loss of your father – 3 months is such a
    short time in the bereavement process of a parent. I’m afraid it’s
    unrealistic of others to expect you to be over it by now. With the passing
    of time, the loss starts to fade for others though it will be very evident
    in you for longer. We’d recommend a bereavement counselling service to help
    you process some of your feelings with a supportive and empathic
    professional to reach a stage of acceptance, however long that takes.

  10. My mother may die soon from cirrhoses and im 13 with a 6 year old brother
    and this is the last thing i want but thank you for helping my mothers
    struggle goes on and hopefully she doesn’t lose.

  11. My mum died today and it’s really hard to deal with. I didn’t get to say
    goodbye. I really wish I could have seen her one last time 

  12. It’s been a year now since Mom died. I’m doing a bit better but there are
    days where I get really upset. Her birthday is on the 27th of February and
    that’s still a hard day for me. Christmas and Thanksgiving were HARD
    because I ended up doing everything she had done and it just felt empty
    without her.

  13. My father may die soon. It could take a day to month before it happens.
    I’m only 13 and so afraid why did it had to happen :(

  14. I just wanna say my parents have not died (not to brag) but I would suggest
    you believe there still there and you might fell better

  15. Sometimes it’s so hard to deal with that kind of stuff. For example my mom
    died yesterday, and it’s just hard. I know that she would want me to be
    happy for the fact that she’s not feeling pain and I am but I’m also so sad
    that she’s gone.

  16. My mums very sick and has cancer, it’s the worst she’s ever been.
    I’m afraid to lose her and I regret asking her for so much stuff and never
    take anything for granted. My dad, is a right loser. He’s never been nice
    to me, but my mum has. We’ve had a ton of hard times and we never really
    pulled through or got over our past. It haunts me of how much I’m a bad
    daughter to her. I just want to make it all up to her. Any advice? I just
    want to make her super happy

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