2 thoughts on “Grieving The Death Of A Parent”

  1. Mark Smith, LCSW discusses the painful process of losing a parent. Mark has
    lost both of his parents and he was stirred to make this video due to the
    August 6th seventeenth anniversary of his Mother’s death.

  2. I think a great video would be on losing a parent and grieving their loss
    but then, slowly over time, beginning to realize that you were probably
    living in denial because your parents treated you poorly and caused you a
    great deal of pain and issues. That’s what happened to me at least and it
    is confusing and left me feeling like a chump for making the effort that I
    did to bond with a mother and father who showed me a complete lack of
    respect and who didn’t really believe in me. A lot of family issues
    surfaced too and our family fell apart. Lots of insensitive treatment of me
    by my siblings. It’s been tough.

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