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Question: My best friend, EVER – she moved away. She moved to Florida today, and we live in Michigan. I can’t stop crying, I’m so sa.d The longest I’ve ever been apart from her is 2 days. She knows my heart inside and out, we do things that other people don’t normally do for fun. She’s my other half, and she’s gone. What do i do?

Answer: I’m so sorry for your loss. I know it’s really hard when people we love are far away from us. My sister is my better half and for almost all our lives she has lived far away from me (I’m talking different countries!) But times have changed. We have cell phones, email, video chat and loads of other methods for communication. (we didn’t have it when we were growing up and had to write letters which is still a fabulous way to communicate and keep in touch). The point is there is always something you can do to keep in touch. She is still in your life and can be a part of your life forever. You can go to college together. Take trips to visit each other in the summers and make other plans to see each other.

I know it’s painful now but believe me…it will get easier. Just keep in good spirits and be there for each other.

Good Luck.

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  1. I know how your feeling a couple years ago my bff moved across the country.But her and I are still just as close so dont worry about it. Be sure to stay in touch, e-mail,write, and call often and you guys will be just fine. I know it seems terrible at first but it will get better.

  2. oh sorry about your friend

    this happened to me too, except she only moved 4 hours away….

    it really helped to have my other friends with me all the time and i always call or email or im her… you sorta get used to it after a couple months

    just keep in contact with her

    yea sorry theres not much else to do

    uuu pooooooooooorrrrrrr babyyyyyy =(
    thats just the saddest thing! cant you email her or chat on the phone. maybe go stay with her for a few days or arrange to meet up and go out??
    must be soo hard i cant even imagine! x X ♥ X x
    good luck and hang in there…distance shouldnt change anything because between friends there is no distance.

  4. this happend to me too! it was the saddest day of my life! but the best thing to do is to just keep in touch! talk alot! and then go visit each other when ever you can…thats what i do!

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