9 thoughts on “Grief and Loss Recovery – Grieving & Growing (Letting Go) | Subliminal Binaural Beats Meditation”

  1. This is PERFECT timing!! I just stumbled on to this video. I lost my sister
    in March of this year , unexpectidly , and one of my very best friends on
    July.31 (just 3 weeks ago) Thank you !! I’ll pass this along!

  2. I found this, for the letting go part, for I found myself completely
    detached from my desires recently. Much thanks!

  3. I just lost my husband of 40 years, and am in a world of grief. I will try
    this audio tonight and every night for a while and let you know. I really
    don’t want to let go of him because I want to be with him in Heaven. I am
    conflicted concerning this because I am told I must live my life; but,
    without my husband, I don’t have a life. I am hoping to find some peace.
    I have to take medication (I have never in my life taken anything stronger
    than an aspirin or an antibiotic) for the severe anxiety and fear that has
    gripped me. I am hoping this audio will keep me steady in lieu of
    medication. Prayer has been merely a distraction, as is everything else.

  4. It is hard to let go and go through life on your own. I’m going through the
    empty nest and it is like you it is like you lost your best friend and I
    have. I cried when I heard this video. I to hope this helps me. I think
    about being by myself and being on the farm alone. I have depression,
    anxiety, and panic attacks. Sometimes I don’t know if I can do this by
    myself and carry on. I dn’t know what I would do if I ever lost my
    husband. I still feel your grief. With God all things are possible, even
    though it tears us up inside. No one knows but, you. Carolyn Norton, keep
    on going and believe. I’m greatly wishing for inner peace also.

  5. I need peace…and acceptance that he’s already gone in this
    world…now…it’s going to 2 years since he passed away- my husband…but
    it seems to be very fresh…sooooo painful !!!until now I can’t still
    believe…and the more the time passes by…the more I can’t accept the
    I’m still waiting…and wish everyday that he will come back someday…for
    me it’s just a nightmare… 

  6. Almost two years ago I lost both my grandparents, one right after the
    other. They were more like my parents as they practically raised me and I
    am having a hard time moving past it. Everyone thinks I should be over it
    by now but it’s gotten worse instead of better. I’m really hoping this will

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