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  1. Another great video Kati, I hope you have a lovely weekend! And I want to
    be a police officer & I live in Australia. Apparently they’re aloud to have
    full access to our records, which sucks! So I just hope when I’m older my
    eating disorder and mental health issues aren’t a deterrent for them!!

  2. Will you answer my question on tuesday please?
    #katifaq Is it bad to keep sh tools around because they make you feel
    comfortable? Like a security blanket. You have no intention of using them,
    you just feel just feel better when they’re around.

  3. I am the asker of question 2:
    The security industry – at least in the UK requires a mental health
    background check if it comes to being detained within 5 years of applying
    then they need deatails -this is the industry I was concerned with though
    also concerned about my media business in future when it becomes larger,
    and as I’m in the UK it’s not a matter of cash or insurance but NHS or
    private and I can’t afford to go private so that means there would be a
    record then? it’s university services I’m thinking of seeking at the moment
    who would probably then refer me on to someone but unsure x

  4. Are you disclosing confidential information about your patients/clients
    if/bc you give examples about their private cases here on your YouTube
    I know you don’t say their names, but isn’t it still a form of disclosing
    confidential information? Just wondering…

  5. I have been sharing links to your videos with so many people since I found
    them last month! Someone will be upset or ask me a question, and I’ll be
    like, you need to watch * fill in the blank * video of Kati Morton’s and
    when you’re done come talk with us on the website! 🙂 It’s awesome to have
    you as a resource to point people in the right direction of getting help
    and finding hope that recovery is possible. 

  6. I’m always worrying that my treatment team are angry at me. I use to just
    obsess over it and let the thoughts run round and round in my head. Now I
    have learnt to just ask them, and then we can talk about it…they never
    are angry at me, usually I am angry at myself and have projected that onto
    them…..anyways just ask them then it’s out there and you don’t have to
    waste massive amounts of time worrying about it.

  7. Depression is so extremely common with fibromyalgia, a lot of times they
    actually use antidepressants to treat fibro because with fibro your body
    doesn’t make enough “happy chemicals” that are responsible for pain, sleep
    issues, as well as depression. I was put on an anti depressant for my fibro
    and it made my pain go from unbearable to completely manageable, it also
    improved my mental stability along with helping my sleep. Be honest with
    your doctor, there’s no shame in honesty 🙂 

  8. The first question was a fantastic one because I am now menopausal so the
    decision to have children has been taken out of my hands I’m 41 no children
    but on the flip side of the coin I’ve a strong beautiful relationship with
    my 6 yr old god daughter/niece. <3 although I know she's not mine and I
    can't live my life through her. But I'm there for her! Xoxo 

  9. In my country, pilots are also required to have “clear” mental health
    history, the pilot schools won’t accept you if you have ever been
    diagnosed. They don’t specify which illnesses, which is a little odd, but I
    guess it’s fair since pilots are responsible for so many people’s lives.

  10. #2 My current job gives everyone a health screening questionnaire prior to
    starting work. One part asks specifically about mental health diagnoses.
    They can’t access my records but they ask for you to disclose the
    information yourself. I’ve just not handed it in the three times they’ve
    given it to me. I don’t want to face that stigma. But in my experience a
    lot of jobs have forms like this in the UK under the guise of supporting
    staff better.

  11. +Kati Morton I saw on one of your other recent videos you mention the
    genetic factors and how they are trying to break down specific eds to diff
    chromosomes etc, i never really understand how this could be for many
    people as i know sooooo many who may start out for example as anorexic and
    then move onto bulimia, ednos, BED etc etc. How can it be so common for eds
    to morph if they are based so much on genetics (i do believe genetics are a
    huge factor i just dont understand how it could be narrowed down that much
    when ed disorders can change so much…?

  12. When I was in treatment, I found that over half of the team was sooo
    skinny! I found it so triggering and upsetting. Like, why do they get to
    tell me to stuff my face and gain weight and they get to stay so thin.
    Anyone else experience this? It was very distracting, and I never did
    work through my feelings about it.

  13. thank you for answering question number 4. i have been struggling with
    similar issues, and i found your response to be helpful. however, my
    personal situation is a bit different, and i am still worrying about
    certain specific details. i wish there was a way that i could ask
    questions anonymously (well, anonymous to YouTube users other than you and
    me). anyhow, thanks again for your helpful response and for everything
    that you do!

  14. FBI has to see all your records as well. As well as if you were to get a
    job at Fort Knox or the Pentagon. Pretty much any high up government job.

  15. Hi kati! I have a friend who my friends and I have been encouraging to see
    a therapist. He refuses because he wants a concealed carry/weapon permit
    eventually and is worried that they wouldn’t give him one because they’d
    see in a background check he’s been to a therapist and deem him “crazy and
    illegible”. Is this true? We’re in Orange County btw, if that helps with
    any laws. 

  16. For question 2 in South Korea jobs can go through your medical records
    Which your mental health records go on (I’m not sure if mental health goes
    on your medical record in other places buT it goes on it in SK)

  17. I am in school to be a police officer and I will apply at the dept in a few
    months when I finish this semester. Here in KY, they do a psych evaluation
    and research, but nothing TOO intrusive unless it was extremely serious
    (and like you said it would obviously have to be on your record for them to
    see). I’m friends with the captain at the dept and I had a discussion
    because that was actually one of the things I was worried about was a past
    hospitalization for a cutting and ED etc a few years ago. I see a therapist
    now that I stick to religiously. And most of my friends at the dept know
    about past and current issues so I got lucky. I don’t know how it will be
    when I choose to go to another place. But if I’m still seeing my therapist
    and I pass the psych evaluation, then I don’t see a problem since this is
    what I’ve wanted to do my whole life?? :)

  18. I 100% agree that knowing so much about psychology makes it very scary to
    have kids. I never wanted to bring a child into this crazy world. 

  19. Q2 not sure how it works in the U.S. But I’m pretty sure that in the UK
    criminal record checks can also reveal if you have ever been sectioned – so
    it’s always best to voluntarily admit yourself as that doesn’t come up.

  20. Hey kati! About the job thing I was wondering if wanting to be a cop would
    they turn me down for having records of seeing a therapist? You said
    military like stuff the would and I guess that’s sorta the government.

  21. Hey uh ive kinda lied to my conselor because if i self harm again my mom
    said i would have to go to a place to stay and i dont want to and idk what
    to do ive self harmed more sense than but i told her i havent

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